Multi-Grain Waffles

The original recipe for these waffles came from a great friend, Jerry Buffa. I created this multi-grain version  and serve it regularly at the inn because the texture is so great.

Eggs Adare

The inspiration for this recipe came from a book of Country Inn recipes and from a now closed country inn in Virginia. I’ve modified the recipe quite a bit, so I’m comfortable calling it my own. This dish is not … Continue reading

Buckwheat Pancakes

These pure Buckwheat pancakes are originally from a Weight Watcher’s cookbook. I’ve modified them to assure that they work with many different dietary restrictions, but they are always delightfully light and flavorful. They are Gluten Free and can be Lactose … Continue reading

Fresh Apple Syrup

This recipe is very versatile. I use this with raspberries, marionberries, strawberries in place of the apple cider. Simply cook 2 cups of berries with 1 C of sugar and 1/2 C of water until it is evenly fluid and … Continue reading

Stuffed French Toast

This recipe originally came from the Quigley Log Home B&B in Hudson MI. I’ve adapted it to be a bit lighter, although it is still quite flavorful.

Panakaku – Finnish pancake

This delightful, custardy oven-raised pancake comes from a recipe that was given to us by a guest who hailed from the upper peninsula of Michigan. Its roots are in the Finnish community there.