The Red Chair visited Meritage Meadows

September 22 – 27, The Red Chair spent time with us at Meritage Meadows Inn. The Red Chair has traveled from Woods Hole Mass. south to Florida, West to California and North to Washington over the past 5 years. While here, the Red Chair – Red to friends – got to help crush Cabernet Grapes  with our sister winery – Cinq Cellars. Then we visited local attractions on the Eastside. Red had visited all over Seattle, but the Eastside is soooo far, that there were many untapped attractions here. Red did a little climbing at Marymoor Park in Redmond, visited the Microsoft Campus and went to see Snoqualmie Falls up close. For one complete day, however, Red just hung out chatting with the other amenities at Meritage Meadows.NaturalRed - the red chair enjoying nature. Climbing wall being scaled by the red chair the Red chair crushing a new crop of Syrah grapes The red chair enjoying the view at Snoqualmie Falls. The Red Chair chatting with an old rocker at Meritage Meadows Inn The red chair doing a little tasting with a lawn chair at Meritage Meadows Inn. The red chair at the Microsoft campus

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