History of the Union Hill area of Redmond

 We continue to learn more about the area and we will add content as we can find it. We know that the forest was harvested (clear-cut) here for the first time between about 1897 to 1904. We had to remove one Douglas Fir because it was dead and becoming a hazard. It was 110 years old by ring count in 2009. We suspect if was not large enough for harvest when the clear cut happened. Much of the rest of the forest is the natural regrowth of that forest and there are lots of examples of nurse stumps and logs throughout.

the original mink ranch circa 1962 aerial photograph. In the 1940 – 1973 period, the active use of the property was mink farming. The adjacent aerial photo was from 1962 and the boundary lines for what is now Meritage Meadows were added for location. The buildings to the north west were mink huts and equipment sheds. There was still one building near Union Hill Rd when we moved into the property. We removed it in 2010.

Brian Fisher and his wife built the current home on the property in 1988. The swimming pool was added in 1993 and removed in 2010. The upper building was built in 1997 and the winery was added to the upper building in 2010. Brian was also the sculptor for the drainage – the runoff from the hillside to the East is collected in a swale which runs from the north end of the upper building to the north and drops into a small pond on the north end of the upper meadow. A culvert carries runoff under the driveway to the north end of the larger pond on the west side of the drive. In 2017, we added aeration to the main pond and stocked it with rainbow trout. Another culvert carries the water out of that pond about 35 feet to the north end of the wetlands to the west of the Inn. It eventually flows into the Deer Creek drainage and thence into the Bear Creek drainage. There are no salmonids in the wetlands.Trillium photographed by Bob on the property

Bob and Karen bought the property in October 2009 and rennovated it to open the B&B in June of 2010. We love the stream of visitors and enjoy the challenge of maintaining the property and structures. 10 acres of the 14 on the property were placed into the King County Open Space Program in December of 2011 and we have a covenant to steward those acres from here forward. We welcome your thoughts about how we can best meet that goal.


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