Meet the Cinq

Cinq Cellars Wine in Meritage Meadows Glasses

Cinq Cellars Winery is co-located with Meritage Meadows Inn on fourteen acres near Redmond, WA. We make French inspired wines in small lots from the finest Washington Grapes. The name, Cinq, is a celebration of the friendship of the five founders. Three of us have been making wine together for 20 years, first in private production and, since 2010, commercially. That was when the other two friends joined our fun and we started making the wine we sell from our micro winery. You can find us online at our Official Website and buy our wine in Washington State from Total Wines and More. We ship nationwide and have a wine club of about 200 members.

The point of our partnership is to have fun and to make good wine, in that order. We are all fairly Type A people and we need to have a task to bring us together. When we are together, however, we want to have fun. Marc Droppert has been making wine the longest. He got started while studying law at UW and has always had some wine working somewhere since. Bill Saltzstein and Bob Spencer joined him in 1999 while we all worked at Physio-Control Corp in Redmond. Bill is an Electrical Engineer who loves the latest technology and theater. He is always looking for some way to marry those two interests together and now lives near the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Bob is a Chemical Engineer and serial entrepreneur who also currently owns Meritage Meadows with his wife Karen.

In the early days, the wines were not always good. Many years we disposed of more wine than we drank. We all tended to learn by making mistakes, and over time, the product got better. In 2010, Bob and Karen started Meritage Meadows Inn. Tim Mickelson and John Madden joined the partnership and we got bonded and licensed as winemakers by the TTB. By then, we had made most of the winemaking mistakes, and our first wines were good and have gotten better. Since Bob lives on site, he has taken on more of the winemaker role, but all members participate in all significant work and decisions. That gives us lots of opportunity to get together and work on the friendship that is the foundation of the partnership.

In 2017, Tim passed away due to ALS and we all miss him. Jerry Gregg stepped into Tim’s shoes although he calls himself “Six of Cinq.” Each in our own way, we are all moving from career to retirement, but the friendship remains and we continue to make and sell good wines. Please take the time to try our wines during your next stay at Meritage Meadows Inn.