Gift Certificates

Certificate Options

You can choose to buy Gift certificates in two different ways.


Meritage Meadows Inn has gift certificates available. With our Gift Certificates, you pay exactly the value of the Gift Certificate – no processing fees. However the certificate is valid only at Meritage Meadows Inn. It doesn’t expire, so you may give it to someone with the assurance that it will still have value at Meritage Meadows Inn for as long as we are open.


We also offer Gift Certificates through the Washington Bed & Breakfast Guild (WBBG) which are valid at any of the WBBG properties in Washington State. They make great gifts because of the wide variety of quality B&B experiences available to the recipient. Like our Gift Certificates, WBBG Gift Certificates do not expire and any residual value after your first stay is always there for a future use. The principle difference is that the purchaser pays a $9.95 processing fee. All the rest of what you pay is available to the recipient to use at which ever B&B they wish within the WBBG properties. Currently, that is more than 75 Inspected and Approved properties in Washington State.